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Sample Baby Checklist   

For keeping a check on the things that a mother will require after giving birth to her baby, a baby checklist is required. It records all the essential things for a new born baby like bedding, clothes for the new born, feeding supplies, furniture and other essential items. You will be saved from facing trouble by the help of this checklist after the baby is born and you realize that you have forgotten to buy something really essential for the baby.

For a more relaxed and safe delivery you need to keep a track of the necessary items that will be required for your baby. The baby checklist template provides you enough space to enter all the important things needed for your baby in it. Some additional things can also be noted down in the empty space that is provided in this template. Hence, you will be satisfied with your preparation regarding the newcomer with the help of this checklist.
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Baby Checklist Template

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Sample Weekly Planner   

Every day is a new day in life and it come by bringing new challenges and tasks. There are various tactics that are applied by different people to tackle these challenges. But only those get the advantages who apply according techniques to tackle these tasks. The planning will definitely be the best option in this regard as it will let you assign your tasks and activities in accordance with the time available to accomplish them. The weekly planner is one of those tools that can let you plan your weekly tasks in relation to time available for you.

It will make you capable of deploying relative resources in time. You become aware of and get prepared even before time to meet the requirements of a specific task. These are few of those many advantages that this printable weekly planner can render to you. You can just use it in getting the best out of your week. It will let you make the difference in the end by enhancing your performance as well.

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Weekly planner

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Sample Attendance Sheet   

The attendance is the measure of an employee’s presence and lots of other functions depend upon the attendance sheet. The salary, punctuality and discipline can be measured using an attendance sheet. The attendance sheets are well maintained and managed by the senior staff in order to meet various objectives and get several jobs done in better way. The attendance sheet template is also a simple tool for those who want to devise a sheet to manage the arrival and departure of various employees.

The template includes all basic items that are required to develop and device a handsome attendance sheet. The printable attendance sheet can just be produced using the template. You will get your job done in smart way busing the template. It will surely guide you all the way through toward the creation of an attendance sheet. You can use this template as tool or handout that can serve the purpose of creation of a sheet to measure the movement of employees in in-out manner.

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Attendance sheet template

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Net Worth Calculator   

This calculator records your assets as well as liabilities and checks whether you have your finances in a good shape or not. A net worth calculator enables you to become aware of the amount of cash that you have. It makes you realize whether your liabilities and assets are in your control or not. You will be able to check any mismatch in your interest rate in terms of liabilities and assets with the help of this template too.

You may require breaking your assets if you are paying more interest on your liabilities. For managing your finances in a proper way you need to check your net worth after every other year and compare it with the previous year. You can easily enter the value of your assets and other amounts in your net worth calculator and the sum formula will provide you the total of your assets easily.
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Net Worth Calculator

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Petty Cash Log   

The account management is one of the demanding tasks without any exaggeration but there have become certain tools in the market place that can let you do that smartly. The petty cash log is one of such tools that can let you manage your account in smart style. The cash withdrawals as well as deposits can now easily be tracked using this useful cash log. It will also provide you space for check related details and in this way you would become able to write descriptions for checks as well.

This marvelous log is just in your reach now as all you need to do is a bit of editing in the petty cash log template and your cash log will be right at your hand or in your personal computer. You can use it electronically and can use it in hard form after getting print out as well. You job will become easier and things become quite relaxing for you regarding your account management.

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Petty Cash Log

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Standard Sales Statement   

The sales are one of the most executed businesses worldwide as now days things are only sold ad purchased because the barter system has gone. The exchange takes place though but it is always things for money not in the form of things with things. The items are sold today but every item has its own value or price statement. The standard sale statement is just devised to accomplish this task in fantastic style. The standard sales statement can superbly be used to pursue new customer by showing them what you are offering at what price.

This is will surely let you accomplish the task of connecting with your market quite comprehensively. The statement can also be used to inform existing customers about all new offers as well as well relative prices. The information about increase in services as well as prices can be transcended using this statement. Tell you what; this unique statement is not that difficult to craft as you can do that using standard sales statement template.

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Standard Sales Statement

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Job Transfer Request Form   

Jobs are source of living for many people all around the world and people travel and work sometimes thousands of miles away from their homelands. But after they get expertise and experience they often want to make their way to a place near to their home. The job transfer request is often being made during such scenarios. The employees are used to request for job transfer in order to pass the rest of their lives in their native zones and areas.

The transfer can be within organizational premises also as employees find it better to work in some special departments or at some special positions within an organization. The job transfer request form is just devised to fulfill this task in marvelous way. One can use this form to file transfer case before human resource managers. The job transfer request form template can be a real useful instrument in this regard as you can use it to craft a form for your job transfer.

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Job Transfer Request Form

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Hour Calculating Time Sheet   

The employee wages are decided on the number of hour they work in a day or week. There is specific number of days defined in each working day but employees that are used to work overtime are required to calculate their working hours to get reward for their work. The hour calculating time sheet is just designed to help managers as well as employees in the process of calculation of working hours. The sheet includes all relevant material and fields that may be required to accomplish the task of working hour calculation.

It also allows you sum up your working hours and calculate your income on the base of total hours worked in a day as well as in week in total. You can simply use hour calculating time sheet template to extract this sheet from, the template is a readymade time sheet and you can use it directly. But if your working schedule is somewhat different or you find it necessary to add some more columns that you can still do It after some editing in its main facet.

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Hour Calculating Time Sheet

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Printable Address Book   

Address books are made to keep comprehensive and detailed record of addresses of contact persons so that when it will require, they can be approached. You can make address book to keep your official or domestic contacts and addresses organized. Wide range of addresses along with concerned persons can be added in this address book. To provide you with the professional format of address book so that you can make your own book, Printable Address Book is presented by our site. This book will serve you accurate throughout your work.
This Printable Address Book is designed by keeping in mind about your requirements under deep considerations that will provide you flexible working environment throughout your work. Just getting this sheet will enable you to take its print whenever you want. This address book will allow you to keep your official record in hard copy so that whenever you will require seeing your address book or to find any contact person, you can see it. It is hoped that getting this printable book will provide you a lot more than your expectations and will prove beneficial in order to make your own address book for your official or domestic use. Take it and move ahead!

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Printable Address Book Template

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Daily Time Sheet   

The time crucial in any sort of business and it becomes even more important in businesses where things are very much time dependant. The time if not get managed properly can cause severe losses at times. This is reason why it is so important to manage the things in terms of time and clock. The daily time sheet can be a better option in this regard as it will let you manage the things in proper way.

You will be able to manage the things the way you require and the way you want by using the time sheet. You can plan you appointments, tasks, meetings and many other diverse time dependant tasks using the daily time sheet template. The time sheet template will let you manufacture the sheet in accordance with your daily needs and you will have more control over your time and your daily tasks using the printable time sheet.

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Daily Time Sheet Template

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